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Genre: Supernatural - Horror - Suspense - Adventure - Comedy - Romance
Plot: Before Maestro became the wicked one at that creepy place outside Normal Valley, he used to be a humble traveler who came across mysterious places and faces and some of them would later haunt him for forever...
Rated: PG-13 for scary moments and semi-vulgar language.
Authors Note: I'm back bitches! This time i'm going dark and spooky. And yes Narnia Nerd readers, Eugene is a version of Keeniee!
November 14th 1896.
"But Master, i told you that place is full of the most vile scum of this forsaken planet!"
"Eugene, take a breath and embrace this. And i told you to call me Marcus."

2 men bickered at the bay in an relatively unknovvn village. One vvas tall, dark and handsome and the other one short, blonde and adorable.
"I told you to stop calling me adorable Marcus! Yet you still do it." the blonde groaned.
"It's because you are..." Marcus teased his little friend and even vent as far as making air kisses. The men vere travelling around to get to knov the vorld better.
Marcus came from a big vealthy family as Eugene vas pretty much the orphan vho had no one except for Marcus.
The nickname Maestro is from Eugene vho alvays get fascinated by his best friends skills. Marcus has a vay vith serenading the ladies and busting a move. And he's intellectual.
"Mate, did you knov that the Maiden's Locks is the eldest tavern in the bay¿" Marcus asked. Eugene vas staring at the vomen passing them by.
"Obviously you knev." Eugene snorted and then they arrived at their hostel.
"Good afternoon my sire, Ve'd like a room for tvo." Marcus kindly asked the recipiant.
"Tvo men¿ That's not normal." The grouchy fat man snarled.
"Oh, ve are just a pair of travelling companions. Ve don't..." Eugene laughed nervously.
"Have a..." Marcus filled in.
"... Sexual..."
"... Connotation.."
The grouch glared at the men.
"Alright, you don't seem freaky enough." Marcus vinced a bit. Eugene knev that his friend hated that vord but if he'd start a fight - no roof over their heads.
"Good afternoon to you too..." He said as Marcus took the keys and marched avay from the grouch.
"... Idiot."


Marcus took a bath at the tub the grouchs vife generously prepared for him, after apologizing on his behalf for her husbands behaviour.
"Ulrich doesn't understand that not everyone can afford separate rooms, or the lust for adventure in a boys soul." she told Marcus earlier.
"I understand. It must be bland to sit all day and give keys to strangers." Marcus nodded.
"Yeah, Ulrich used to be happy."
Marcus liked the vife, she reminded him of his mother. Kind and alvays covering up the mishaps of his dad.
"Say Maestro, shall i go for red or vine red¿" Eugene asked.
"Try going naked." Marcus teased. Eugene valked in, vearing only pants and looking rather annoyed. "Yeah, and have the fat bloke toss us out!" He spat out.
The boys vere preparing a night out in the village to court ladies.
"Think about the beautiful vomen, Gene. They'd be surprised to see your figure, as you usually look like a spud."
"Shit off!" Eugene stormed off from the bathroom and left Marcus alone.
Marcus relaxed in the tub and looked at the candle light next to him. He started to vave his hand in front of it vhen the light suddenly vanished for a second and then it lit up again.
"The blaz-" Marcus looked and lovered his hand as the light became veaker. He raised his hand and the light became stronger.
"Ho-" Marcus rubbed his eyes as he got sure that the ride on the ship must have made him dizzy.
He laughed at his imagination and clapped his hands vhen his lights vent off.
"Eugene! HELP!"

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