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Movie Review: Aftershock (2012)

Title: Aftershock
Director: Nicolas Lopez
Starring: Eli Roth, Andrea Osvart, Ariel Levy, Nicolas Martinez...
Genre: Horror, disaster, comedy, suspense.


"Aftershock" starts off at a huge party in Santiago de Chile, where we meet the movie's Wolfpack, if you will. Because there is no denying that you can find some similarities between this trio and the more popular ones from the Hangover movies.

We meet Gringo (Roth) who is this awkward geeky single father who is amazed by South Americas "indie station" that is Chile. Then there is Pollo, the rich douchebag who jokes around and solves everything with his money or photos with him and RZA. Finally we have the sweet Ariel who is suffering from a break-up and the common link between Gringo and Pollo. It takes awhile before we meet the girls of the movie which is Kylie, the crazy partyanimal who wants to ball out, Monica, Kylies more strict sister trying to keep tabs of Kylie and that other girl who i forgot her name but is a single mom.

Lopez wants you to know the guys before shit hits the fan, and when it happens, you pray that at least one of them survives.
Because when the earthquake starts, it all goes downhill from here. No one is safe and things go from worse to 'can't we catch a break?'.
Riots, plundering and rapes occur thanks to the savage prisoners who escape from the prison nearby which broke down.
What i like about the movie is that even though you are sure that no one will make it before the credits, you don't know *how*. There is many gruesome ways as possible to die and Lopez does not spare any expense.

It might be a low-budget flick but it doesn't show at all.
The way the Canon EO5 (Lopez is known for filming with the cameras) captures Valparaiso and the chilean vineyards are simply breathtaking. I have been living in Chile for almost 4 years now but i have never set a foot outside Santiago, and the pretty images just makes me more hungry.

The acting is great, especially from Roth, Martinez, Osvart and Marcial Tagle, a funnyman in Chile who plays a fireman with a dark secret. Seeing Roth as the nerd makes me giddy as i can't imagine the Bear Jew getting flustered or videochat with his daughter. It was his most endearing performance yet.
Martinez and Izzo were great in their transformation from typical assholes to people reacting to danger. Any fan of Lopez movies where Martinez is a regular comic relief will be stunned of how great of a dramatic actor he can be as well.

My only complaints are the long waiting until the earthquake and some other performances. I understans that we should really know the guys but keep up the speed, because i almost snored. But almost.
Secondly i felt that Ariel Levy is typecast as the sadsack post-breakup who mopes a lot and tries to get over it. I mean, he's the same character from the Fuck My Life trilogy - even the ex has the same name as the ex in "Aftershock"!

But those are my only complaints as i feel that Aftershock is a great movie with thrills and spills and has a potential to be a cult hit, especially in Latin America.
I do warn for people who doesn't like gore and rape scenes. But be happy, i saw the director's cut which is far gruesome than the cut you will see.

4 out of 5 Deadpoolkittens.

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