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IRL Update:

So... I haven't been updating since a gazillion years ago and i am bored at work.



Basically, i feel more confident about my spanish now than when i got here and i was really tired of being broke, so i got a job at this convienent chain store.
It pays well, the peeps are good... Almost all peeps. Not counting the old hag that decided to have a grudge on me for some odd reason. That part is still a mystery, but my peeples assume that she is jelly of my swagtastic European life. Whatever.

Anyhoo, more happenings - oh, remember my sister that sworn off eternal love and marriage? Well, irony me this - she is le married!
The wedding was simple but beautiful, we had the afterparty at our house, we were drinking and chillin'.
But don't ask me about the bachelorette party.
No, seriously... my head is still recovering.

If you want to keep up to date with me, i'll leave my social media handles:
Twitter: @deadpoolkathy
Instagram: @deadpoolkathy

... that's it, derp.
Anyways, until then, my nerdosexuals!

Guess who's back?

Promedio Bad - Un thriller de locos.

Está cerca de la media noche y algo
malvado está al acecho en la oscuridad ...
Bueno, en realidad no. En algún lugar de la
remota ciudad de Jacksonville, y no en una
taza, pero en un paseo si, en
realidad un autobús Volkswagen rojo '69,
estaba sentado un joven con rizos,
gafas de sol y una enorme pila de libros.

Eso es Darryl Smith, el señor Smith si
es traviesa Está marcado a lo largo de
un viaje con sus mejores amigos, Kenny
Landis y Elizabeth Ross (Lizzie si eres perezoso)
para una fiesta de Halloween fuera de un
pequeño pueblo, donde un tipo que hace
grandes fiestas de Halloween tiene una
mansión. Su nombre artístico era Maestro.

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Genre: Supernatural - Horror - Suspense - Adventure - Comedy - Romance
Plot: Before Maestro became the wicked one at that creepy place outside Normal Valley, he used to be a humble traveler who came across mysterious places and faces and some of them would later haunt him for forever...
Rated: PG-13 for scary moments and semi-vulgar language.
Authors Note: I'm back bitches! This time i'm going dark and spooky. And yes Narnia Nerd readers, Eugene is a version of Keeniee!
November 14th 1896.
"But Master, i told you that place is full of the most vile scum of this forsaken planet!"
"Eugene, take a breath and embrace this. And i told you to call me Marcus."

2 men bickered at the bay in an relatively unknovvn village. One vvas tall, dark and handsome and the other one short, blonde and adorable.
"I told you to stop calling me adorable Marcus! Yet you still do it." the blonde groaned.
"It's because you are..." Marcus teased his little friend and even vent as far as making air kisses. The men vere travelling around to get to knov the vorld better.
Marcus came from a big vealthy family as Eugene vas pretty much the orphan vho had no one except for Marcus.
The nickname Maestro is from Eugene vho alvays get fascinated by his best friends skills. Marcus has a vay vith serenading the ladies and busting a move. And he's intellectual.
"Mate, did you knov that the Maiden's Locks is the eldest tavern in the bay¿" Marcus asked. Eugene vas staring at the vomen passing them by.
"Obviously you knev." Eugene snorted and then they arrived at their hostel.
"Good afternoon my sire, Ve'd like a room for tvo." Marcus kindly asked the recipiant.
"Tvo men¿ That's not normal." The grouchy fat man snarled.
"Oh, ve are just a pair of travelling companions. Ve don't..." Eugene laughed nervously.
"Have a..." Marcus filled in.
"... Sexual..."
"... Connotation.."
The grouch glared at the men.
"Alright, you don't seem freaky enough." Marcus vinced a bit. Eugene knev that his friend hated that vord but if he'd start a fight - no roof over their heads.
"Good afternoon to you too..." He said as Marcus took the keys and marched avay from the grouch.
"... Idiot."


Marcus took a bath at the tub the grouchs vife generously prepared for him, after apologizing on his behalf for her husbands behaviour.
"Ulrich doesn't understand that not everyone can afford separate rooms, or the lust for adventure in a boys soul." she told Marcus earlier.
"I understand. It must be bland to sit all day and give keys to strangers." Marcus nodded.
"Yeah, Ulrich used to be happy."
Marcus liked the vife, she reminded him of his mother. Kind and alvays covering up the mishaps of his dad.
"Say Maestro, shall i go for red or vine red¿" Eugene asked.
"Try going naked." Marcus teased. Eugene valked in, vearing only pants and looking rather annoyed. "Yeah, and have the fat bloke toss us out!" He spat out.
The boys vere preparing a night out in the village to court ladies.
"Think about the beautiful vomen, Gene. They'd be surprised to see your figure, as you usually look like a spud."
"Shit off!" Eugene stormed off from the bathroom and left Marcus alone.
Marcus relaxed in the tub and looked at the candle light next to him. He started to vave his hand in front of it vhen the light suddenly vanished for a second and then it lit up again.
"The blaz-" Marcus looked and lovered his hand as the light became veaker. He raised his hand and the light became stronger.
"Ho-" Marcus rubbed his eyes as he got sure that the ride on the ship must have made him dizzy.
He laughed at his imagination and clapped his hands vhen his lights vent off.
"Eugene! HELP!"

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Listening to Simple Plan and stalking LJ. And i came back to 2005.

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Movie Review: Aftershock (2012)

Title: Aftershock
Director: Nicolas Lopez
Starring: Eli Roth, Andrea Osvart, Ariel Levy, Nicolas Martinez...
Genre: Horror, disaster, comedy, suspense.


"Aftershock" starts off at a huge party in Santiago de Chile, where we meet the movie's Wolfpack, if you will. Because there is no denying that you can find some similarities between this trio and the more popular ones from the Hangover movies.

We meet Gringo (Roth) who is this awkward geeky single father who is amazed by South Americas "indie station" that is Chile. Then there is Pollo, the rich douchebag who jokes around and solves everything with his money or photos with him and RZA. Finally we have the sweet Ariel who is suffering from a break-up and the common link between Gringo and Pollo. It takes awhile before we meet the girls of the movie which is Kylie, the crazy partyanimal who wants to ball out, Monica, Kylies more strict sister trying to keep tabs of Kylie and that other girl who i forgot her name but is a single mom.

Lopez wants you to know the guys before shit hits the fan, and when it happens, you pray that at least one of them survives.
Because when the earthquake starts, it all goes downhill from here. No one is safe and things go from worse to 'can't we catch a break?'.
Riots, plundering and rapes occur thanks to the savage prisoners who escape from the prison nearby which broke down.
What i like about the movie is that even though you are sure that no one will make it before the credits, you don't know *how*. There is many gruesome ways as possible to die and Lopez does not spare any expense.

It might be a low-budget flick but it doesn't show at all.
The way the Canon EO5 (Lopez is known for filming with the cameras) captures Valparaiso and the chilean vineyards are simply breathtaking. I have been living in Chile for almost 4 years now but i have never set a foot outside Santiago, and the pretty images just makes me more hungry.

The acting is great, especially from Roth, Martinez, Osvart and Marcial Tagle, a funnyman in Chile who plays a fireman with a dark secret. Seeing Roth as the nerd makes me giddy as i can't imagine the Bear Jew getting flustered or videochat with his daughter. It was his most endearing performance yet.
Martinez and Izzo were great in their transformation from typical assholes to people reacting to danger. Any fan of Lopez movies where Martinez is a regular comic relief will be stunned of how great of a dramatic actor he can be as well.

My only complaints are the long waiting until the earthquake and some other performances. I understans that we should really know the guys but keep up the speed, because i almost snored. But almost.
Secondly i felt that Ariel Levy is typecast as the sadsack post-breakup who mopes a lot and tries to get over it. I mean, he's the same character from the Fuck My Life trilogy - even the ex has the same name as the ex in "Aftershock"!

But those are my only complaints as i feel that Aftershock is a great movie with thrills and spills and has a potential to be a cult hit, especially in Latin America.
I do warn for people who doesn't like gore and rape scenes. But be happy, i saw the director's cut which is far gruesome than the cut you will see.

4 out of 5 Deadpoolkittens.

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My memory lane is kind of f-ed up.

After all these years, this shit still cracks me up.


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My life so far!

Nowadays i am still in Chile, but at least i have more activities and friends than 3 years ago. I'm still with Oggy despite us being a longdistance relationship thingy. I think we made an unintentional deal about out bodies. I got skinnier and he got bigger. But i like my men more beefier.

I draw randomly geeky designs for t-shirts because i'm too fucking poor to JunkFood tees. I can brag about one proud KoalaTeeShirt owner being one certain Eli Roth.

Hopefully the pricks at the insurance company in Sweden sends me money because there are so much activities and so little moola. #fml

any questions, feel free to ask.

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